Book Settings in Studio

Book Settings in Studio

Book Settings is accessed via the cog icon in the upper right corner of the book editing interface. Click on it to change settings for the book you are currently working on.

The tab which opens has four sections: BookWorkflowMetadata and Security, which contain further pages. Click on any of these page names to configure the related settings.


Select to track changes which will be made to a chapter. Then click the Save changes button.


To change the language in which your book is being written, select it from the dropdown Language menu. If the language of the book is written right to left, for example Persian, Arabic or Hebrew, check the Right to left text box. Then click the Save changes button.


All books created using Studio will have a copyright license attached. The dropdown menu contains a selection of frequently used copyright licenses. Select your chosen license and click the Save Changes button to save the setting. If you would like to check the details of a particular license, click the link Read full text of the license. A browser tab will open containing a summary of the license, or the full text, depending on the license selected.

Users with administrator privileges who have access to the Studio Control Centre can edit the list of licenses which will be available in this dropdown menu.

Chapter status

Studio enables book contributors to edit the statuses that are available for assigning to chapters. By default the chapter statuses are: 'new', 'needs content', 'completed', and 'to be proofed'. You can delete existing statuses, add new ones, and re-order them. The redefined chapter statuses will then be available on the status dropdown at the right side of each chapter's bar in the Table of Contents tab.

Book Metadata

The Book Metadata page enables you to set the Title, Short title, Subtitle, Short description, Long description, Publisher, Publisher city, Publication date, Copyright year, Copyright holder, Ebook ISBN (if available) and Print ISBN for the book (if any). This information can be embedded in electronic outputs for the book, such as EPUB format.

The more complete your metadata is, the better chance of being seen and exposed. So, we recommend that you try and make this as complete as possible.

Additional Metadata

In addition, you can use Additional Metadata to add data and even create new fields to add.


In this page you can optionally assign different roles to the contributors to your book, by clicking the Assign button. For example, the 'Editor' role might be able to change every aspect of the book, but only a contributor with the 'Publisher' role would be allowed to export the book in the output formats available.

Roles can be created and modified in the Studio Control Centre by a server administrator.


(NB: We have deprecated "anonymous user" due to difficulties it poses to our publishing platforms)

In this page you can set the default roles for anonymous users (the general public) and registered users (people with a login account on the Studio server). Normally, anonymous users are not given the ability to edit or publish books, due to the risk of spam. Whether you give these powers to registered users, or not, may depend on the general public being able to create user registrations for themselves. For this reason, you may prefer that only administrators are allowed to create new user accounts, using the Control Centre, rather than the public signing up for accounts via the Registration form link in the Sign in box of the Home view.

Here are the roles that you can set.

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