Chapter Management

Chapter Management

Efficiently managing your chapters is an important aspect of organizing your content effectively.

Editing a Chapter

To make edits to a chapter, click on the Edit Chapter option.

This submenu has several chapter management options:


Change the chapter's name to update or refine its title.

Put on Hold

This allows you to temporarily suspend editing for a specific chapter. When you select this option, the chapter is relocated from the Table of Contents to the right menu, under Chapters on Hold. Chapters on hold are excluded from the publishing phase.

Putting a Chapter on Hold
To place a chapter on hold, follow these steps:
1. Click on the chapter’s Edit menu.
2. Select Put on Hold.

3. The chapter will be moved from the table of contents to the Chapter on Hold section on the right.


Remove a chapter from your document if it is no longer needed.

Lock Editing

If you lock a chapter, other users will know not to edit it. To Unlock a chapter, click on Edit Chapter and select Unlock.

Lock Exclusively

Lock Exclusively locks the chapter to all collaborators. To Unlock a chapter, click on Edit Chapter and select Unlock.

Export Content

Export the content of a chapter for external use.

Import DOCX File

Import content from a DOCX file to include it within the chapter.


To set the chapter status, click on Status next to the chapter you want to modify.

Assigning a Status

Assign a status to each chapter to track its progress.


After creating a chapter, this option is set as default.

Needs Content

Indicate that content needs to be added or completed.


Mark chapters as finished and ready for review.

To Be Proofed

Flag chapters that require proofreading.


In collaborative writing, you can use Assign chapters to specific authors.

Assigning a chapter

To assign a chapter, follow these steps:
  1. Click on Assign next to the desired chapter.
  2. Enter and select the username of the intended collaborators.
  3. The assigned collaborator's name will be displayed for that chapter in the Assigned section.


1. What is the purpose of chapter status, and how can I assign a status to a chapter?
Chapter status helps track the progress of each chapter. To assign a status to a chapter, follow these steps:
  1. Click on the Status option beside the chapter you want to modify.
  2. Choose the appropriate status, such as New, Needs Content, Completed, or To Be Proofed, to indicate the chapter's current status in your workflow.

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