Book Collection Page: Organize and Display Books Efficiently

Vendor Panel: Creating and Managing Book Collections (Bundles)

The Book Collection Page lets you organize and display groups of books based on specific criteria like language, publisher, or theme. This helps users find books that suit their interests more easily.

Note: Both vendors and admins at the bookstore can create collections, but the key distinction is that Vendors require admins' approval to publish their collections.

Note: Admins can create collections for various vendors, whereas vendors can only create collections for themselves.

Accessing Book Collections

Click on Collections in the Publishing Panel menu to see your Book Collection Page.

Collection Table

This table lists all your existing collections and their details. You can see this table on your Book Collection Page.

  1. Show Items: Choose how many collections to view per page.

  1. Search: Quickly find a specific collection by typing keywords.

  1. Name: It indicates the name of the section. 

  1. Number of Books: See how many books are in each collection to assess its size.

  1. Publication Status: Check if the books are published, unpublished, or ready to be published to manage their availability.

  1. Sort Date: Arrange collections by ascending or descending date to see the newest or oldest first.

  1. Settings: Use the Show option to view detailed information about each collection.

Collection Information Page

This page provides detailed information about each collection. Access it by clicking the Eye Icon next to a collection in the table.

Collection Information Page Sections

The Collection Information Page is divided into two main parts: the Collection Information Tab and the Books Tab.

Collection Information Tab

This tab provides a detailed overview of the collection.

  1. Title: Shows the collection's name.

  1. Creation Date: The date the collection was made.

  1. Description: A short summary of the collection.

  1. Collection Price: The total price for the collection, if it's for sale.

  1. Total Prices of All Books: The combined cost of all books in the collection.

  1. Publication Status: Whether the collection is ready to be released, already published, or not yet published.

  1. Books Tab: This tab lists all the books included in the collection in table format.


1.  How can I access the Book Collection Page in the Publishing Panel as a vendor or admin?
To access the Book Collection Page:
  1. Go to the Publishing Panel and click on Collections. This page allows both admins and vendors to create and organize collections based on specific criteria.
2. How does the Collection Information Page provide insights for vendors and admins?
The Collection Information Page includes:
  1. Collection Details: Title, creation date, description, collection price, total book prices, and publication status.
  2. Books Tab: Lists all books within the collection in a table format.
3. What's the difference between admins and vendors at the bookstore in creating collections?
Admins can create collections for various vendors, while vendors can only create collections themselves. Additionally, vendors need admin approval to publish their created collections.