Do I get statistics about my books?

Do I get statistics about my books?

Yes you do. Please see this short video  or watch in below:

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      Book Menu For managing books in your store, you can use the tools available in the Book Menu of the Publishing Panel. This manual will lead you through each section on the Book Menu, including All Books, Published Books, Unpublished Books, Ready to ...
    • Can I read my books offline?

      Yes! To have offline access in both web reader and our iOS and Android Apps you must do as follow: You need to open your reader, get and download some books to your library (downloaded). You can then leave your reader anytime but make sure not to log ...
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      Publishers with existing books which they would like to move to KNiTO have a number of options and below, we will give a simple guideline, depending on format and state of your books:
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      If you use our web based store at you are always able to buy your favourite books. However, due to some limitations from Apple Store, if you enter our Store from our iOS reader app, then you can only receive information about books. ...
    • How to add LaTex equations to books?

      We have created a very simple and yet complete interactive editor to add equations based on LaTex to your books. This components supports left to right and right to left equations. You can watch a training video here or in below: