General Information

General Information

Time Zone

Your platform's time zone is crucial in providing a seamless user experience. The Time Zone tab lets you ensure timely content for your audience in different regions.

Accurate time zone settings ensure that all your analytics and reports are aligned with your audience's local time. This enables you to make data-driven decisions and track the performance of your activities effectively.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Locate and click on the General Information tab.

2. Click on the Time Zone tab on the General page.

3. Select your desired time zone from the dropdown menu.

4. Click on the Save Changes.

Google Tag Manager

Integrating Google Tag Manager into the platform opens up the possibility of connecting with third-party services. This integration enables the platform to communicate with and utilize external services, expanding its functionality and providing access to a wide range of additional features and capabilities.

One of these capabilities is the ability to use Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool offered by Google that is used to track, measure, and analyze user interactions and behavior on websites and mobile applications. It provides valuable insights into how users engage with a platform, helping businesses and website owners make data-driven decisions to improve their online presence and achieve their goals.
1. Locate and click on the General Information tab.

2. Click on the Google Tag Manager tab on the General page.

3. Fill in the corresponding fields with your GTM ID, GTM AUTH, and GTM ENV.

4. Click on the Save Changes option to save.

Chat Widget Tab

A stellar user experience goes hand in hand with excellent customer support. The Supporting tab lets you choose a support service from a dropdown menu, such as Zoho and Zen Desk. By integrating this feature, users can conveniently seek help and guidance whenever needed.
1. Locate and click on the General Information tab.

2. Click on Chat Widget in the General page.

3. Select the desired support service from the dropdown menu.

4. After selecting the service, a new form for entering the code or URL will appear. Enter the relevant information.

5. Click on Save Changes.

White-Label Applications

Your digital publishing platform is available on multiple devices and operating systems. In the White-Label Applications tab, you can provide direct links to your platform's app on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac systems for a smooth user experience.
1. Locate and click on the General Information tab.

2. Click on White-Label Applications on the General page.

3. Input the URL for each app in the corresponding forms.

4. Click on Save Changes.

Note: This feature is not available for all plans.

Social Networks

Integrate social media to expand your platform's reach and engagement. Connect to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter through the Social Network tab to share content and interact with your audience on multiple channels.
1. Locate and click on the General Information tab.

2. Click on Social Networks on the General page.

3. Enter your organization's URLs on social networks in the forms relevant to each social network.

4. Click on Save Changes

Store Themes

Customize the appearance of your digital publishing platform with the Store Themes tab for a unique branding experience.
1. Locate and click on the General Information tab.

2. Click on Store Themes on the General page.

3. Choose your preferred theme from the available themes.

4. Click on Save Changes.

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