Guide to Navigating the Book Detail Page in Authoring Studio

Guide to Navigating the Book Detail Page in Authoring Studio

The Book Detail Page in Authoring Studio provides a comprehensive overview of your book's information, settings and controls. Here is a step-by-step guide to navigating the various features available:

Accessing the Book Detail Page

You will enter the Book Detail page using one of the following steps:
  1. On My Dashboard page, click on the option View Book Info.
  2. On Edit Book page, click on Info located in the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. On Read Book page (In My Dashboard, after clicking on Read Book, you will be directed to this page), click on the option Info located in the top-left corner of the screen.

The "Cover" displays the book's cover image. It offers a visual glimpse of your book in progress and gives readers an idea of its appearance.


The title shows the name of your book.


The visibility status of your book to others is displayed. Setting the visibility status of the book to others is done during the book's creation.


You can see the date when the book was created, which helps you keep track of your publishing timeline.

Follow Changes 

By selecting this option, you will receive notifications about any updates or modifications made to the book, ensuring you stay informed.


Displays the Name and Username of the Book Owner.

Edit this Book

Clicking on this option will direct you to the book-editing interface. Here, you can modify the book's content and other details.

Read Book

By selecting "Read Book," you can preview your book as readers would see it. This allows you to check the book's appearance and ensure everything is in order.

Invitation Codes 

Invitation codes enable you to share access to your book with specific individuals or groups. You can generate unique codes and distribute them to selected colleagues.

More Options 

This drop-down menu provides access to several features:

Download History 

View a log of all downloads of your book, allowing you to track its popularity.

Edit Book Info 

This section allows you to provide detailed information about your book:

Book Description: Write a compelling and informative description that entices authors to explore your book's content.

Book Image: Upload an eye-catching cover image that reflects the essence of your book.

Please note that this information is related to the display in the Authoring Studio, and at the time of book publication, there are options to enter this information in the store

License: Choose the appropriate licensing terms that protect your intellectual property and define how authors can use your book.

Hide this Book from Other People: If you wish to keep your book private and prevent others from accessing it, enable this option.

Book Metadata: View and manage the metadata associated with your book.

Manage Roles: Assign specific roles (e.g., editor, reviewer) to other users who collaborate on your book project.

Delete BookIf needed, this option allows you to permanently remove the book from Authoring Studio. To prevent accidental deletion of the book, you are asked to type the name of the book in the provided box.

Recent Activity
This section displays a summary of recent actions taken on the book, such as edits and updates.


1. How can I edit the content of my book from the Book Detail Page?
You can edit the content of your book by clicking on the Edit this Book option. This will direct you to the book-editing interface, where you can make modifications to your book's content.

2. Can I update the cover image of my book from the Book Detail Page?
Yes, you can update the cover image of your book from the Book Detail Page. To do this, click on the Edit Book Info option under More Options, and you will have the option to upload a new cover image that reflects your book's essence.

3. What information is included in the "Book Metadata" section?
The Book Metadata section allows you to view and manage the metadata associated with your book. The Studio provides an extensive range of options for managing metadata information.

4. What happens if I accidentally delete my book from Authoring Studio?
Deleting a book is irreversible, and it permanently removes the book from Authoring Studio. To prevent accidental deletion, you will be asked to type the book's name in the provided box as a confirmation step. Exercise caution when using the Delete Book option.

5. Can I change the owner of a book from the Book Detail Page?
The owner of a book is typically the creator of the book and cannot be changed directly from the Book Detail Page. Ownership transfers may require specific administrative actions or platform support. If needed, contact support for assistance with ownership changes.

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