How to Add Text in a Different Direction

Guide to Using RTL/LTR Text for Multilingual Content

When you need to add text in a different direction than your main content, use the Insert RTL/LTR feature. This lets you easily add text in right-to-left (RTL) languages like Arabic or left-to-right (LTR) languages like English.

Note: Based on the selected language direction in your studio, this option will display the opposite directionality.

Inserting RTL/LTR Text

1. Put your cursor where you want the different-direction text.

2. Click on the Insert menu at the top left of the chapter editor.

3. Choose Insert RTL/LTR from the options.
  1. If your main text is RTL, you'll see Insert LTR.

  1. If your main text is LTR, you'll see Insert RTL.

4. A text box will appear where you placed your cursor. Type your text here.

5. Click outside the box to finish. Your text will be in the chosen direction, and you can continue with your main text direction.


1. What does the Insert RTL/LTR feature offer within Studio's Chapter Editor?
The Insert RTL/LTR feature allows users to include text in a different direction than the main content. It facilitates the insertion of text in right-to-left (RTL) languages (e.g., Arabic) or left-to-right (LTR) languages (e.g., English) effortlessly.

2. How do I insert RTL or LTR text in the Chapter Editor?
To insert RTL or LTR text:
  1. Position your cursor where you wish to add the text with a different direction.
  2. Access the "Insert" menu at the Chapter Editor's top left.
  3. Click on "Insert" to reveal a drop-down menu.
  4. Choose "Insert RTL/LTR" from the available options.
  1. If your main text is RTL, the option displayed will be "Insert LTR."
  2. If your main text is LTR, the option displayed will be "Insert RTL."
  1. A text box will appear at the cursor's position, allowing you to input your desired text.
  2. Click outside the text box to complete the process. Your inserted text will follow the chosen direction while retaining the main text's directionality.
3. Can I use this feature to switch between different text directions within the same document or chapter?
Yes, the Insert RTL/LTR function in the Chapter Editor enables users to seamlessly switch between different text directions within a document or chapter. By following the steps provided, you can add text in the desired direction at specific locations within your content.

4. Is there a limitation on the amount of RTL/LTR text I can insert using this feature?
There isn't a specific limit on the amount of RTL or LTR text that can be inserted. Users can incorporate the required amount of text in the chosen direction using this feature as needed in their document.

5. How does the Insert RTL/LTR feature determine the directionality for text insertion?
The directionality offered by the Insert RTL/LTR option is based on the primary text direction set in the Chapter Editor. If the main text is in RTL format, the option displayed will be for inserting LTR text, and vice versa.
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