My Dashboard Page

My Dashboard Page

It provides a comprehensive overview of your books. My Dashboard Page has display sections for My Books, My Profile, My Recent Activity, and Participating Books.

My Book

You can discover a list of all the books you have created in this section. You may quickly manage and organize your books here.

The My Books section contains the following buttons: CREATE BOOK, INVITE, JOIN BOOK.

You can switch between Grid and List views by clicking the corresponding icon.

The Search bar lets you locate specific books within your library. When you have a large collection of books, this feature makes it easier to locate your books.
Under each book icon in My Books, there are symbols that link to (from left) Edit Book, View Book Info, Publish Book, and Delete Book.

Edit Book 

The Edit Book option allows you to access and modify the content of a book you have created within your studio.

View Book info

The View Book Info option provides an overview of your book's information, settings, and controls. If you click on the book icon or its title, you will also be directed to View Book info.

Publish Book

When you have completed editing your book's content, you can use this option to publish it and make it available for readers. When you click on this option, it will take you to the book publish page.

Delete Book

The Delete Book option lets you remove a book from your library. This action is irreversible, so be cautious when using it.

Note: The Delete Book icon is only visible for books that you have created.

My Profile

This section displays the username. It also incorporates two buttons: Settings and Log Out.


This will allow you to set your time zone.

Log Out

You may ensure the privacy and security of your personal data by securely logging out of your PUBNiTO Studio account by clicking the log-out button.

My Recent Activity

It displays information such as the recent chapters you have created in a book and more.

Participating Books

The Participating Books section is a useful addition to your dashboard. It enables you to quickly access and manage books you actively participate in, such as books where you have left comments or are currently writing a section. This section ensures that you can easily access and interact with these books whenever you want and easily keep track of your participation in several books.
Note: By default, this section is not displayed on my dashboard page. However, when you are invited to participate in the production of a book, this section will be shown along with the relevant book(s).

1. What is the purpose of the My Dashboard Page?
The My Dashboard Page is a comprehensive overview of your books and activities within PUBNiTO Studio. It provides easy access to various sections related to book management.

2. Is there a way to remove a book from my library?
Yes, you can remove a book from your library using the Delete Book option. However, please be careful, as this action is irreversible and should be used wisely.

3. What is the purpose of the Participating Books section?
The Participating Books section allows you to quickly access and manage books in which you actively participate, such as books in which you have left comments or are currently writing a section. It helps you keep track of your participation in different books easily.

4. Is there a limit to how many books I can create and manage on the My Dashboard Page?
PUBNiTO Studio does not impose a strict limit on the number of books you can create and manage. You can create and manage a substantial collection of books based on your needs and preferences.

5. Can I customize the order or arrangement of books in the My Books section?
Currently, the My Books section primarily displays books in a grid or list view based on your preference. While you cannot manually arrange books within the section, the search feature allows you to find books efficiently regardless of their order.

6. Is there a limit to the number of participating books I can have in the Participating Books section?
There is no fixed limit to the number of participating books you can have in the Participating Books section. It dynamically displays books in which you are actively involved, making it a flexible feature for tracking your contributions and collaborations. 

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