Reader Supported Fonts

Offering a comfortable reading experience is crucial for engaging your audience. The Reader Supported Fonts empower you to customize a range of fonts to display within the reader, and it allows your readers the option to select a font that suits their preferences, ultimately improving readability.
1. Locate and click on the Publishing tab.

2. Click on Reader Supported Fonts on the Publishing page.

3. Select your desired fonts from the dropdown menu.

4. Click on Save Changes.

Sample Book

Provide potential readers with a sample of your content. Use the Sample Book tab to set a trial time, like 10 minutes, to explore before deciding.
1. Locate and click on the Publishing tab.

2. Click on Sample Book on the Publishing page.

3. Enter the duration of access to the sample book in the Trial Time form.

4. Click on Save Changes.

Download Limits

Balancing accessibility and control is crucial for a successful publishing platform. The Download Limits tab allows you to manage user access by setting weekly, monthly, and yearly download limits on a per-user basis to ensure fair usage and prevent misuse of your content.
1. Locate and click on the Publishing tab.

2. Click on Download Limits on the Publishing page. Here, you will find three distinct forms for setting download limits: Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly.

Weekly Form:

Enter the desired number of allowed weekly downloads per user. This ensures that users have controlled access to your content every week.

Monthly Form:

Specify the maximum number of monthly downloads per user.
By setting monthly limits, you strike a balance between accessibility and content control.

Yearly Form:

Lastly, navigate to the Yearly form.
Input the yearly download limit per user, aligning with your platform's objectives.
Yearly limits offer a comprehensive approach to managing user access over a longer period.

Once you have adjusted the download limits to your satisfaction, click on Save Changes. This ensures that your modifications take effect.


1. Why should I provide a sample of my content to potential readers?
Providing a sample book allows potential readers to explore your content before making a decision. It offers a preview of your work and can be a valuable tool for attracting and engaging readers.
2. What types of download limits can I set using the Download Limits feature?
The Download Limits feature allows you to set three types of download limits on a per-user basis: weekly, monthly, and yearly.