All-Inclusive Dashboard for Your Publishing Platform

Publishing Panel: Administrator Dashboard Overview

This dashboard provides a detailed view of your platform's activities, including user interaction, book publishing, and vendor actions.

  1. Users: It shows how many people have registered on your platform.

  1. Vendors: Counts the number of vendors working with your platform.

  1. Published Books: Displays the total number of books published. You'll also see recent books ready to publish (the bell icon) or updated (the edit icon) by vendors.

  1. Authors: List how many authors have contributed to the books on your platform.

  1. User Registration Rate: A graph showing how many users have signed up in the last six months.

  1. Top Vendors: A doughnut chart highlights the vendors with the most book releases in the past six months.

  1. Trending Books: Shows the most popular books based on views of their information pages.

  1. Orders vs. Downloads: Compares the number of downloads for paid or rental books to free books over the past six months.

Note: Each download of a paid or rental book counts in both the order and download charts.


1. What metrics does the Publishing Panel Dashboard show?
It covers user count, vendor count, published books, author count, user registration trends, top vendors, popular books, and Orders vs Downloads comparisons.

2. What is indicated by the bell and edit icons in the "Published Books" section?
The bell icon denotes books ready to publish, while the edit icon represents recently updated books by vendors.

3. What does the "Orders vs. Downloads" section compare?
It compares downloads of paid/rental books versus free books over the past six months.
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