The Usage of The Book Collection Page Feature

Publishing Panel: Book Collections (Bundle) Creation and Management

The Book Collection Page feature allows you to organize and showcase collections of books that are carefully curated based on criteria such as language, publisher, or theme. By creating collections, you can provide your clients with a personalized browsing experience, helping them discover books that match their preferences and interests.

Accessing the Book Collection

To access the Book Collection page, click on Collections in the Publishing Panel menu.

Creating a New Collection of Books

Click on Create New Collection.
After completing the previous step, you will see a page with fields to enter relevant information.


The default language of your bookstore is automatically saved to maintain uniform organization throughout your store. If necessary, you can specify the language for a specific collection using the Language parameter.
Choose the appropriate language from the provided list to ensure accurate categorization.


You can link the collection to a specific bookseller using the Vendor option. This helps you track and maintain separate vendor collections.


Choose a Name for your collection. Your collection will be easily recognized because this name will be displayed on the front of your store.


You can write a description or overview of the collection in the Description area. Highlight the collection's key characteristics, goal, or theme in this area.


Enter a collection-appropriate image in the Image field. Pick a photo that reflects the collection's content meaningfully.
Note: Use a 1:1 aspect ratio with a maximum width or height of 1000 pixels.


Enter the collection's price in the Price section. Instead of setting a price for each individual book in the collection, you can do it using this field.

Save Collection

Once all the required information has been entered, click Save Collection to save the collection's details and make them accessible in your store.

Collection Table

The Book Collection table allows you to manage and organize your existing book collections.

Accessing the Book Collection Table

To access the Book Collection table, navigate to the Collections section in the Publishing Panel menu. If you have previously created collections, you will see a table displaying information about those Collections on this page.

Show Items

You can customize the number of items displayed on every page. This flexibility lets you customize the view, streamlining your browsing and management experience without navigating through multiple pages.
The search option is a useful tool when you have numerous book collections and need to locate a specific one quickly. Simply enter relevant keywords to find the desired Collection with ease.


The book vendor linked to the collection is identified in the Vendor field.

Number of Books

The Number of Books field displays the total count of books in a collection. This information allows you to assess the Collection's size and determine if it is complete or requires adjustments.

Publication Status

The Publication Status category provides information about the status of books in the collection. It shows whether the books have been published, are still unpublished, or are ready for publication. This feature allows you to manage and control the availability of books in the collection.

Sort Date

You can sort your collection by date via Sort Date. Sorting collections in ascending or descending format helps you organize and navigate new or old collections.


Under Settings, you can see what Collection actions you have.
Show allows you to see the collection’s specifics.
Edit allows you to change the collection’s details, like name, vendor, and descriptions.

Editing a Book Collection

Click on the Collections option in the Publishing Panel menu.
On the Collections page, you will see a table displaying information about your previously created collections. This table serves as an overview of your current book collection.
Locate the collection you want to update in the table. Click on the Edit option associated with that collection. This action will open the collection editor.


In the collection editor, go to the language drop-down menu.
Select the language you want to edit or add to your book collection.
Update book names, descriptions, and vendor information in the chosen language. You can repeat this step for multiple languages if desired.


Here, you can add, modify, or remove vendors. Ensure that your vendor list is current to match your distribution strategy.


Review and update book names to reflect the latest trends, themes, and reader interests.


Review and update book descriptions to reflect the latest trends, themes, and reader interests.


Update book cover images to meet current design standards. Ensure that they are high-quality and visually appealing.


Keep an eye on market trends and adjust book prices accordingly. You can offer competitive pricing to attract more buyers.

Update Collection

Click on Update Collection to save all your changes. This ensures that your edits are reflected accurately on your publishing platform.

Collection Information Page

This page contains detailed information about the collections you have created. Additionally, you can select books and add them to any collection.

Accessing the Collection Information Page

Click on Collections in the Publishing Panel menu. If you have created collections before, you will see a table on this page that provides information about those collections.
Click on the eye icon (show) within the table to be directed to the Collection Information Page.

Collection Information Page Sections

The collection information page has three sections: the Collection Information Tab, the Books Tab, and Editing. 

Collection Information Tab

The Collection Information gives you a complete description of the selected collection.
  1. Title: Displays the title or name of the collection.
  2. Creation Date: Contains the creation date of the collection.
  3. Description: Gives a brief summary or description of the collection.
  4. Collection Price: If applicable, displays the price specified for the entire collection.
  5. Total Prices of All Books: Calculates and displays the collection's total cost for all books.
  6. Publication Status: Displays the collection's publication status, such as ready to release, published, or unpublished.

Books Tab

In your chosen collection, you can add new books using the Book Tab. In addition, information about the books created by the collections is displayed in a table.

Adding a New Book to the Collection
1. Click on Add New Book.
2. In the Book section, input the book's title, and once the desired book is displayed, select it.
3. Click on the Add Book button.
4. After this, the book will be added to the collection.
The Collection’s Table of Books
You may view and manage books on the Book Tab after they have been added to the collection.
Each book entry displays relevant information, such as Title, Download, Publication Date, Publication Status, and Revision Status.
By clicking on the View option, you will be directed to the book information page.
You can remove the book from the collection using the remove option.

Edit Button

By clicking on the Edit option, you will be able to edit the collection.


1. How do I access the Book Collection page in the Publishing Panel?
To access the Book Collection page, click on "Collections" in the Publishing Panel menu.

2. What are the steps involved in creating a new collection of books?
Click on "Create New Collection," fill in details like language, vendor, name, description, image, and price, then save the collection to make it accessible in your store.

3. How can I edit an existing book collection's details in the publishing panel?
Access the Collections page, locate the collection to update in the table, click "Edit" associated with that collection, and modify details like language, vendor, name, description, image, and price.

4. Is it possible to access detailed information about a specific collection?
Yes, by clicking the eye icon (show) within the table on the Collections page, you can access detailed information about the collection, including its title, creation date, description, price, total book prices, and publication status.

5. What sections are available on the Collection Information Page?
The Collection Information Page includes three sections: the Collection Information Tab, the Books Tab for adding and managing books within the collection, and an Editing section for making changes to the collection.

6. How can I add a new book to an existing collection?
Access the Collection Information Page, click on the "Books" tab, then click "Add New Book," input the book's title, select it, and click "Add Book" to include it in the collection.
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