Managing Books in the Store by Using the Tools in the Book Menu

Publishing Panel: Books Management

Book Menu

For managing books in your store, you can use the tools available in the Book Menu of the Publishing Panel. This manual will lead you through each section on the Book Menu, including All Books, Published Books, Unpublished Books, Ready to Publish, and Edited Books.

Accessing the Book Menu

Choose the Book Menu in the Publishing Panel.

You can choose from a variety of options, like All Books, Published Books, Unpublished Books, Ready to Publish, and Edited Books.

All Books

This option shows a thorough list of every book in your store, regardless of their publication status.

Published Books

Only books that have been successfully published and are readily available for purchase in your store are filtered and shown via the Published Books option.

Unpublished Books

Books that have not yet been published are listed under the Unpublished Books option. These books still need to be reviewed, edited, or finished.

Ready to Publish

The option labeled Ready to Publish shows books that have passed all necessary editing and revision stages and are prepared for publication. Here, you can locate books that are soon to be published.

Edited Books

A list of books with recent edits or modifications can be found by selecting the Edited Books option. You can use this option to keep track of books that have been updated.

Table of Book Information

A list of books available related to your store can be found in the input tables, depending on which page you are on (All Books, Edited Books, etc.). It offers a quick summary of crucial book information, including the title, vendor, number of downloads, publication date, book type, books of the group, publication status, and revision status.

Accessing the Table of Book Information

Click on the Book Menu in the Publishing Panel.

Choose your preferred option from the submenu, like All Books, Published Books, and more.
Following this step, you will be taken to a page that displays information about the books.

The Options in the Book Information Table

Show 10, 25, 50, or 100 Items.

This option allows you to select the number of books displayed per page in the Entries Table based on your preference (10, 25, 50, 100).

You can use the search bar to look for particular books based on their title. Type your query, and the Entries Table will automatically update to only show the books that match it.


By clicking on the title, you can sort your authors alphabetically. This allows you to sort them in both ascending and descending order.


The vendor or publisher connected to each book is shown in the Vendor column of the Entries Table. By clicking the vendor header, you can sort the table by vendor names. When you want to concentrate on books from one particular vendor, you can utilize this sorting tool.


Shows the number of book downloads.

Publication Date

The publication date of each book is shown in the Publication Date column. By selecting the Publication Date header, you can sort the Entries Table according to when each entry was published.

Book Type

It shows the type of book, whether it is basic or advanced.

Books of Groups

Publication Status

The Publication Status column shows whether or not a book has been published. It gives a brief summary of each book's publishing status in the Entries Table.

Revisions Status

The Revisions Status column shows the most recent state of any book revisions. You can keep track of books that have recently undergone upgrades or edits.


In the settings column, you will find two options: Edit and View.

When you click on the Edit option, you will be taken to a page where you can review the information that was previously entered during the publication process.
Note: You do not have the ability to edit this information; vendors can make edits to their book information using their own accounts. The only editable aspect related to publication is the publication status, where you can transition the book from Published to Unpublished or other available states.

Clicking on this option will take you to the book details page, where you will find comprehensive information about the book.


1. How can I access the Book Menu in the Publishing Panel?
Navigate to the Publishing Panel and select the Book Menu.

2. What are the options available under the Book Menu?
The Book Menu offers options like All Books, Published Books, Unpublished Books, Ready to Publish, and Edited Books.

3. What does each section within the Book Menu represent?
  1. All Books: Displays a comprehensive list of all books available in your store, regardless of publication status.
  2. Published Books: Lists books that have been successfully published and are available for purchase.
  3. Unpublished Books: Shows books that haven't been published and might require review or editing.
  4. Ready to Publish: Contains books that have undergone all necessary editing stages and are set for publication.
  5. Edited Books: Offers a list of recently modified or revised books.
4. Can I edit book information from the book information table?
Administrators can only edit the publication status. Vendors can make edits to their book information using their accounts.
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