Accessing and Managing Vendor-Related Information in Your Bookstore

Publishing Panel: Vendor Details, Information Insights, and Management

The Vendor Information page is a tool for accessing and managing vendor-related information, offering an overview of vendors and their details.

Accessing the Vendor Information Page

In the Publishing Panel, click on Vendors.

This will take you to the vendor page.
Now, click on Show (depicted by an eye icon) in the last column.

You will be redirected to the Vendor Information page.

Vendor Information Page

The Vendor Information page is where you can find vendor details.
Vendor Image: This is the vendor's profile image.

Title: The title represents the vendor's name or business name. It serves as a quick identifier.

Creation Date: This date shows when the vendor's profile was created.

Description: This section provides an overview of the vendor.

Vendor Users Tab

The Vendor Users Tab allows you to manage and view information about the vendor assistants.

Add a New Vendor Assistant

To designate a user as a Vendor Assistant, please follow these steps:
1. Click on Vendors from the Publishing Panel menu.

2. This action will take you to the Vendor page.
3. Now, click on Show (depicted by an eye icon) in the last column.

4. You will be redirected to the Vendor Information page.

5. Navigate to the Vendor Users Tab.

6. Click on Add New Vendor Assistant.

7. Input the username of the user you wish to assign as a vendor assistant.

8. Finally, click Save Vendor Assistant.

Upon completing these steps, the designated user will be granted the role of a vendor assistant.

Table of Vendor Assistants

This table shows information on both vendors and vendor assistants.
Show Items: You can choose to display 10, 25, 50, or 100 items at once, making it easier to manage your vendor assistants.

Search: Use the search bar to find specific assistants based on username.

User: This column displays the user linked to each Vendor Assistant.

Role: Indicates the roles of both vendors and vendor assistants.

Added To: Displays the date when each vendor assistant was added to the system.

Statistics Tab

The Statistics Tab offers insights into the vendor's activities and product status.

Total Books Count: This numerical value displays the total number of books or products associated with the vendor.

Pie Chart: The pie chart visually represents the distribution of books into the following categories:

Saved: Books that have been saved as drafts.

Ready to Release: Books that are completed and prepared for release.

Published: Books that have been officially published.

Unpublished: Books that were published but are no longer available.

Social Media Tab

The Social Media Tab allows you to manage and share the vendor's online presence.

You can input the link for the vendor's website, Facebook page, and Instagram profile. These links help users access the vendor's online presence directly.
Update Button: Click the Update button to save any changes made to the social media links.

Edit Button

The Edit Button allows you to make changes to the vendor's information, including the title, creation date, and description. When you click on this button, you will be able to modify and update the vendor's details as needed.

Note: The primary and most direct method to edit vendor information is found on the vendor's page. On this page, you can easily select the specific vendor you want to edit from the vendor's table and proceed to modify their details. Additionally, once you are on the vendor information page, you still have the option to edit the vendor's information.

1. How do I access the Vendor Information Page in the Publishing Panel?
Navigate to the Publishing Panel and click on "Vendors." Then, select the "Show" option in the last column to access the Vendor Information Page.

2. What details can I find on the Vendor Information Page?
You'll find the vendor's image, title, creation date, and a description giving an overview of the vendor's profile.

3. How can I manage vendor assistants using the Vendor Users Tab?
Access the Vendor Users Tab, click on "Add New Vendor Assistant," input the user's username, and save the new Vendor Assistant.

4. What information is available in the Table of Vendor Assistants?
The table displays vendor assistant information like usernames, roles, dates of addition, and offers options for managing and filtering the entries.

5. What insights can I get from the Statistics Tab on the Vendor Information Page?
The Statistics Tab provides data such as the total book count and a pie chart showing book status distribution among saved, ready to release, published, and unpublished books.

6. How can I manage the vendor's social media presence using the Social Media Tab?
You can input and update the vendor's website, Facebook, and Instagram profile links directly in the Social Media Tab.

7. Is it possible to edit vendor information on the Vendor Information Page?
Yes, you can edit vendor details such as title, creation date, and description using the Edit Button on the Vendor Information Page.

8. Where can I edit vendor information directly from the Vendor Table in the publishing panel?
Access the Vendor Table, select the specific vendor you wish to edit, and proceed to modify their details directly.