Step-by-Step Guide to App Installation

PUBNiTO Native App Installation Guide

PUBNiTO applications provide a flexible and user-friendly way to access digital bookstores. Available across a wide array of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iPhone/iPad, PUBNiTO ensures a seamless reading experience for users. In this guide, we will lead you through the steps of downloading and installing PUBNiTO applications, empowering you to effortlessly access your chosen digital bookstores with convenience.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Access the Download Apps Page

Open your organization's bookstore. Scroll down to the website's footer, where you will find the Download Apps option.

2. Choose Your Operating System

On the Download Apps page, you will see options for various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iPhone/iPad.
Select the application compatible with your device by clicking on the corresponding section.

3. Download and Install

Once you have chosen the correct app for your device, you will see the download button on the right side of the app's name, allowing you to start the download.
After the download is complete, run the installation file to install the PUBNiTO application on your device.

4. Find Your Bookstore ID, URL, or QR Code

To access your preferred bookstore, you will need the bookstore's ID or a URL during installation.
At the bottom of your booksto's Download Apps page, you can find information related to your specific bookstore (if you are not on this page, please repeat step 1).

5. Enter the Store ID or Scan the QR Code

In the PUBNiTO app, there is a form for entering a bookstore ID.
Enter the bookstore's identifier in the relevant field.
Furthermore, you can also utilize your device's camera to scan the QR code.
Note: The ability to scan QR codes is applicable to mobile and tablet-related apps.

6. Access Your Bookstore

Once you have entered the store ID or scanned the QR code, you will have direct access to your chosen bookstore within the PUBNiTO application.


1. What is the process for acquiring and installing PUBNiTO applications?
Follow this straightforward procedure:
  1. Navigate to the Download Apps Page: Scroll to the bottom of your organization's bookstore website to access the designated section.
  2. Select Your Operating System: Identify and choose the application that aligns with your device's operating system.
  3. Download and Install: Initiate the download by clicking the corresponding button, and once the download is finished, run the installation file to complete the setup.
2. What devices are PUBNiTO applications compatible with?
PUBNiTO applications are compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iPhone/iPad.

3. How do I download and install PUBNiTO applications?
Follow these steps:
  1. Access the Download Apps Page: Scroll down to the website's footer on your organization's bookstore.
  2. Choose Your Operating System: Select the application compatible with your device.
  3. Download and Install: Click the download button, and after the download is complete, run the installation file.
4. Where can I find my Bookstore ID, URL, or QR Code?
To access your preferred bookstore during installation, find this information at the bottom of your bookstore's Download Apps page.

5. How do I enter the Store ID or QR Code in the PUBNiTO app?
Follow these steps:
  1. Open PUBNiTO app.
  2. Enter Store ID: Fill in the relevant field with your bookstore's identifier.
  3. Scan QR Code: Utilize your device's camera for QR code scanning (available on mobile and tablet apps).
6. What happens after entering the Store ID or scanning the QR Code?
Once you've completed these steps, you will gain direct access to your chosen bookstore within the PUBNiTO application.
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