PUBNiTO Native Apps: Your Advanced Reading Experience

PUBNiTO Native Apps Reader: Secure and High-Performance Reading

PUBNiTO Native Apps offer an advanced reading experience, supporting different formats and providing strong content protection. Designed for various reading needs, this app ensures your digital content is safe and offers many accessibility features. They work on all operating systems.

Key Features of Native Apps Reader

  1. Format Versatility: Native Apps support many formats like EPUB3, PDF, and audiobooks, meeting the needs of different readers.
  2. Exclusive Access: With high-level security, native apps only allow access through specific apps, keeping your content extra safe.
  3. Advanced Protection: The apps protect your digital content with a strong security system powered by Readium LCP, a specialized DRM solution developed and supported by EDR Lab.
  4. Enhanced Accessibility Options: Native apps come with many features, like text-to-speech and customization options, making reading easier and more enjoyable for everyone.


1. What makes PUBNiTO Native Apps stand out for reading digital content?
PUBNiTO Native Apps offer an advanced reading experience, supporting diverse formats, providing robust content protection, and catering to various reading needs.

2. Which formats are supported by Native Apps?
Native Apps support multiple formats such as EPUB3, PDF, and audiobooks, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of content and reader preferences.
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