A Quick Guide to PUBNiTO's Different Sections

Sections in the PUBNiTO Bookstore

Welcome to PUBNiTO, a user-friendly platform built for all aspects of digital publishing. PUBNiTO is an easy-to-setup, secure, and cost-effective solution perfect for publishers and booksellers to start their digital bookstore in any language and on any platform.

Here, you'll get a quick guide to the platform's different sections and what they do.

Authoring Studio

This studio is a flexible tool for individuals and teams to create content together, making it easy for authors to write books and similar materials. You can design, produce, and edit your work, then export it in EPUB format to share on various digital platforms and reading apps. Its main goal is to give authors powerful tools while keeping things simple. You can add interactive elements like videos, images, and audio and make sure they look engaging on any device. The studio also supports teamwork, letting authors set roles for others and work together with features like note-taking, discussions, and targeted feedback. Plus, it keeps an archive of all changes, so you can review, compare, restore, approve, or reject edits at any time.

Interactive Studio

The Interactive Studio is a major upgrade for authors, allowing you to add interactive elements like videos, assessments, and interactive exercises to your books. This turns traditional reading into a more engaging and interactive experience for readers. By using this tool, authors can make their content more engaging and build a stronger connection with their audience. The Interactive Studio is a big step forward, allowing authors to move beyond just text and create a more dynamic and interactive reading experience.


The reader is a flexible tool that supports EPUB3, PDF, and audio formats while protecting content with DRM. It offers various different accessibility features while reading, like text-to-speech and note-taking tools, including highlights and notes within the book. It's great for books with fixed and reflowable layouts. In reflowable books, it dynamically adjusts text and images to fit different screens. It also makes reading easier by letting users change font sizes.


The store is a one-stop platform for different book formats like EPUB3, PDF, and audiobooks, offering an immersive browsing experience. Users can explore a wide range of subjects and get detailed information about vendors, publishers, books, and authors.
The platform offers secure payment methods and innovative rental options—weekly, monthly, or yearly—to give flexible access to a wide range of titles. You can also try out books before buying or renting them in a trial. With discounts and bundled collections, the store caters to different reading tastes and budgets. It also keeps your books up-to-date with the latest versions and revisions.
A unique feature is that the store can list different formats under one book title, making it easier to find what you're looking for. Each format has its own price, rental options, and details (for example, EPUBs can be interactive, fixed, or reflowable). You can access the platform through the web or dedicated apps, making it easy to use on any device.

Admin Console

The admin console is the core of the store's configuration and customizations, designed to optimize the store's performance.

Publishing Panel

The publishing panel is where you handle everything related to books, from starting a project to publishing it. It's where you add or create books and manage their journey to publication. It handles settings for vendors and authors and controls different roles and access levels. It also organizes and displays books in the store, making sure customers have a smooth and friendly browsing experience.


1. What is the Authoring Studio in PUBNiTO?
The Authoring Studio is a versatile tool for individuals and teams to create content collaboratively. It simplifies book writing by facilitating design, production, editing, and EPUB format export for various digital platforms and reading apps. It empowers authors with robust tools while maintaining ease of use. Additionally, it supports interactive elements like videos, images, and audio, as well as collaborative features such as note-taking, discussions, and tracked changes.
2. What does the Interactive Studio offer authors in PUBNiTO?
The Interactive Studio is a significant enhancement, enabling authors to integrate interactive elements such as videos, assessments, and exercises into their books. This elevates the reading experience, making it more engaging and interactive for the audience and fostering a stronger connection between authors and readers beyond conventional text-based content.
3. How does the Reader section function in PUBNiTO?
The Reader section is a flexible tool supporting EPUB3, PDF, and audio formats, ensuring content security with DRM. It provides diverse accessibility features like text-to-speech, note-taking capabilities, and adaptable layouts for different screens, catering to both fixed and reflowable book layouts. Users can adjust font sizes for easier reading.
4. What features does the Store in PUBNiTO offer users?
The Store is a comprehensive platform offering EPUB3, PDF, and audiobooks, providing an immersive browsing experience. It supports secure payment methods and innovative rental options—weekly, monthly, or yearly—along with trials, discounts, bundled collections, and up-to-date book versions. Users can explore various formats under one title, each with specific pricing, rental options, and details, accessible via the web or dedicated apps.
5. What functionalities are available in the Admin Console of PUBNiTO?
The Admin Console is the core store configuration and customization platform, ensuring optimal performance.
6. What is the purpose of the Publishing Panel in PUBNiTO?
The Publishing Panel is the hub for managing all book-related processes, from project initiation to publication. It handles book addition, creation, vendor and author settings, access controls, and book organization and display in the store, ensuring a smooth browsing experience for customers.
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