White-Label Applications

White-Label Applications

At the core of PUBNiTO's mission is our dedication to offering you an engaging reading experience. To realize this vision, we introduce our customizable white-label applications, carefully designed to enhance your reading experience. These applications allow you to tailor the interfaces and features to align with your organization's identity, ensuring a personalized experience.

What is a White Label Application?

A white-label application is a software solution created by one company that can be customized and rebranded by another organization to make it appear as if it were their own. This allows the organization to offer the application under their own brand identity. In simpler terms, think of it as getting a product without any labels, so the buyer can add their own branding and present it as their own creation. It gives you the flexibility to customize and make it appear like an in-house development.

PUBNiTO's Approach

PUBNiTO distributes its applications under its own brand name without displaying the organization's name. While not a traditional white-label solution, PUBNiTO serves as an entry gateway. When users log in through their organization's URL, the app identifies the organization and presents a customized store that the organization has configured to match their identity. This personalized store interface significantly improves user interaction with the platform.

User Experience with PUBNiTO's White-Label Applications

This table outlines the stages of user interaction with PUBNiTO's white-label applications, from initial user entry to personalized store access.

 PUBNiTO'S White-Label App User Experience

 User Entry and Access

1. User entry & organization identification

Users can access the organization's store by downloading the app and either providing the organization's URL or ID or simply scanning a QR code.

Displaying the Organization's Personalized Store

1. Displaying customized store

 The application showcases the organization's pre-configured and personalized store, reflecting its unique identity and brand.

2. User interaction

Users can seamlessly navigate and explore the store while enjoying a personalized book-reading experience.

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