Word Count

Word Count

Word Count is an important tool for anyone working with text. It helps you track the number of words and characters in your document.

Accessing the Tools Menu

1. Go to the top of your editor and click on the Tools menu.

2. Choose Word Count from the menu to open the Word Count modal.

Word Count Tool Details

In the Word Count modal, you'll see these stats:

For the Whole Book:

  1. Book Word Count: Total words in your book.
  2. Book Character Count: Total characters (not counting spaces) in your book.
  3. Book Character Count (with Spaces): Total characters (including spaces) in your book. 
For a Chapter:

  1. Word Count: number of words in the selected chapter.
  2. Character Count: Number of characters (not counting spaces) in the selected chapter.
  3. Character Count (with Spaces): Number of characters (including spaces) in the selected chapter.

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